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Kool Kats, session seven

Johnny Weir 

For Shorty,
It's her birthday
and we're not gonna party
like it's her birthday
(clever is my middle name...)

Movie Quotes Meme

Yay! 3 months on the dot since my last entry…
Well, just to show you all that I am still alive, here’s the movie thing:

Kool Kats, session six

The Birthday Girl

In a heart full of dust
lives a creature called lust
it surprises and scares
like me

like me

Take a walk, take a rest, taste the rest

Things you can do at 4 a.m. when you can’t sleep:

- arrange My Documents
- arrange My Pictures
- fight with your cats
- check your entire music folder for potential typos
- count every CD/DVD/book/etc in the room
- try to remember every line from Fight Club
- plan your naps for the day after
- fuss over your haircut
- drink camomile tea and discover yet again that it does nothing to cramps (I'm Jack’s complete lack of surprise.)
- take pictures of Superman


Today’s top 3:



I would just like to state for the record that this kindergarten-like burlesque presidential campaign was seriously disturbing.
Thank you and good night.

Kool Kats, session five

Aidan Gillen

Cool the Irish way

Don't panic, it's just a movie # 2

Hello, dear reader, how are things?

Yes, I’m still alive and no, nothing worth mentioning happened in the past 2 months. Carry on.

Liffe starts today (I mean for me) and I have six movies on my list. Which is like a personal record or something. Anyhoo, here they are if someone cares:

Okužena kri
Zidane: portret 21. stoletja
Michael Clayton

Not entirely sure why it’s on my list: DiCillo’s Delirious
Not entirely sure why it’s not on my list: Anderson’s Darjeeling Limited
Most excited about: Corbijn’s Control


Today’s top 3:

Annoying: presidential campaign.

My favourite: tea. Yes, it’s my new obsession.

Song of the week: The Killers feat. Lou Reed: Tranquilize. Oh, I do love it so.


Kool Kats, session four

Blixa Bargeld

Hier kommt der grosse Zampano!